CA3ViAR Project
Work Packages

Work Packages


This work package covers issues related to the administration of the project, e.g. cost and time controlling, management of meetings and reports, communication with the JU, with the WPs and Task leaders. This WP will ensure adequate dissemination & training of the project results. In this regard, three dissemination events will be organized during the project execution to guarantee to the scientific community a complete and open access to the developed competencies and achieved results. This WP is led by IBK.

WP2: Design of LTF with expected instability phenomena and rig instrumentation

The objectives of this WP are:

  • To perform a literature review on existing driving cases with specific focus on aerodynamic (stall) and aeroelastic (flutter) instabilities as well as aeroacoustic performance of Low Speed Fans (LFS) for UHBR engines.
  • To perform aerodynamic and aeroelastic design and aeroacoustic analysis of the “open” test case, such that the LSF experiences instabilities in operating conditions inside the Propulsion Test Facility (PTF), starting from an already existing LSF aero-shape developed for the CRC 880 “Fundamentals of High Lift for Future Civil Aircraft” project.
  • Design optimal instrumentation for aeroelastic and aeroacoustic measurements.
  • To give requirements to WP 3 for the mechanical design of the scaled LSF such as: scale factor, operating conditions, aero-shape, stiffness and inertia distributions, etc.

This WP is led by TUBS.

WP3: Design and manufacture of test article/ Rig mod.

Objectives of this WP are to design and manufacture the test rotor (LSF) and to adapt an existing rig for LSF integration and wind tunnel test execution inside the PTF. This WP is led by IBK.

WP4: Rig Tests

This WP is dedicated to the test definition (test matrix and procedures) and execution. Aerodynamic, aeroelastic and aeroacoustic measurements and related post-processing are part of this WP. This WP is led by TUBS.

WP5: Post-Test Prediction

The main objective of this WP is the validation and the possible calibration of aerodynamic, aeroelastic and aeroacoustic models according to wind tunnel test data acquired in the PTF.  This WP is led by LUH.